The goals of the Working Women's Charter


  1. The right to work for everyone who wishes to do so.
  2. The elimination of al discrimination on the basis of sex, race, marital or parental status, sexuality or age.
  3. Equal pay for work of equal value – meaning the same total wage plus other benefits.
  4. Equal opportunity of entry into occupations and of promotion regardless of sex, sexuality, marital or parental status, race or age.
  5. Equal education opportunities for all.
    1. Union meetings to be held in working hours
    2. Special trade union education courses for women unionists to be held with paid time off for participants.
  6. Equal access to vocational guidance and training, including on the job training, study and conference leave.
  7. Introduction of a shorter working week with no loss of pay, flexible working hours, part-time opportunities for all workers.
  8. Improved working conditions for women and men. The retention of beneficial provision which apply to women. Other benefits to apply equally to men and women.
  9. Removal of legal, bureaucratic and other impediments to equality superannuation, social security benefits, credit, finance, taxation, tenancies, and other related matters.
  10. Special attention to the needs and requirements of women from ethnic communities as they see them.
  11. Wide availability of quality child care with Government and/or community support for all those who need it, on a 24-hour basis, including after school and school holiday care.
  12. Introduction of adequate paid parental leave (maternity and paternity leave) without loss of job security, superannuation or promotion prospects.
  13. Availability of paid family leave to enable time off to be taken in family emergencies, e.g. when children or elderly relatives are ill.
  14. Sex education and birth control advice freely available to all people. Legal, financial, social and medical impediments to safe abortion, contraception and sterilisation to be removed.
  15. Comprehensive government funded research into health questions specific to women.