Resources available from WWRC


Flexible Work under ERA amendments presentation

Find out about flexible working options under the Employment Relations Act (Employment Relations Amendment). 

This resource also includes a sample letter to use to apply for a flexible working relationship.

Valuing Experience Seminar Course Resources

The Valuing Experience seminars have been developed and run by the WWRC with funding from the NZ Industrial Relations Foundation. This half day seminar focuses on the many factors which drive older workers’ labour market participation. This seminar is delivered from the older worker’s perspective. It has been developed with the assumption that older workers’ Unions are involved in advocating, advising and implementing work practices as these workers’ needs change as they move into another phase of their life cycle.

This resource includes everything you need to run the seminar.

One in Five: A guide for Representing and Supporting Workers with Experience of Mental Illness

 This guide provides information on representing and supporting workers with experience of mental illness. It also provides information on changing attitudes in workplaces in relation to workers with experience of mental illness. The guide has been produced by the Working Women’s Resource Centre for use by paid and elected Union officials. This includes Organisers, Educators, Delegates, Health & Safety Reps plus other elected and paid Union officials.

Sexual Harassment and Discrimination, a guide to your rights booklet

A guide to your rights and advice about dealing with sexual harassment, racial harassment and bullying. 

Young Workers in Precarious or Insecure Work Guide

Is the job you’re applying for going to guarantee you the income you need? There are many types of jobs out there, and some will not provide you with a regular and realistic income. These jobs are called ‘precarious’, both because the job itself can be precarious in its nature i.e. unsafe or prone to change; but also because your life can become precarious as a result of the job.

This  is a guide with case studies and resources useful for young workers.