It all started when...

The Working Women’s Resource Centre in Auckland was set up in 1984 for the benefit of working women, especially those in private and public sector Unions. Women have entered the paid workforce in increasing numbers in recent years 42.2% of the paid workforce are now women.

The triple role that many women have as mothers, runners of households and employees means that, by and large, we are under represented in positions or responsibility, especially in decision making, in the workplace, in our Unions. The promotion discussion and final adoption of the NZ Working Womens Charter in 1980 by the NZ Federation of Labour and many other organisations - the Public Service Association, the Post Primary Teachers Association, the Family Planning Association etc. was recognition of the demanding role of women in our society. Equally it developed a commitment to work for implementation of the Charters aims.

Thus the aims of the Working Womens Resource Centre are:

  • To promote and encourage the implementation of the Working Womens Charter.

  • To promote and encourage the use of the Centre as a focal point for development of a women’s perspective on workplace and industrial issues.

  • To develop better understanding of Labour and Combined State Unions policy especially as it affects women. To provide an educational forum for women workers, Unions and the community.

  • To collect, catalogue and distribute educational resources on women and industrial issues for women, Trade Unions and the community.

Women in leadership need to kick the door open and keep their foot in the door
— Jacinda Ardern, PM

The Working Women's Resource Centre employs a paid worker who carries out duties as directed by the Executive committee comprise of 15 representatives of the Working Women's Council, and members of the Working Women's Resource Centre itself.

The Working Womens Resource Centre is an incorporated Society. Our initial funding has come from private and public sector Unions and small individual donations. On going financial support is required to carry out the aims of the Centre.