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Sexual Harassment

Some examples of sexual harassment could include:

  • Pin-ups, calendars, screen savers, emails etc of a sexual nature
  • Rude gestures, innuendo or comments
  • Unwelcome or offensive physical closeness or touching
  • Unwelcome comments on clothing, body or physical characteristics
  • Threats or promises base on sexual favours

Harassment is not behaviour based on mutual attraction, friendship and respect. If the behaviour is consensual and welcome, it is not harassment.

Sexual harassment is behaviour of a sexual nature that is:

  • Unwelcome and offensive
  • Verbal, physical or visual
  • Repeated or serious and affects someone’s employment, job performance or job satisfaction

Stop before it starts by:

  • Not tolerating sexual harassment on your worksite
  • Making sure your worksite has clear sexual harassment prevention policies, procedures and training for everyone
  • Setting up a sexual harassment prevention network which includes contact people and a co-ordinator
  • A contact person is an elected representative who acts as a support person for people who have a query or complaint about sexual harassment
  • The co-ordinator is the person responsible for ensuring that policies and procedures are in place on the worksite
  • Training the co-ordinator and contact people
  • Encouraging workers to report any incidents of sexual harassment

If you want information about sexual harassment contact one of the following groups:

Employment Relationship Services

0800 800 863

Working Women’s Resource Centre

09 379 7906

Human Rights Commission

0800 496 877